Mysterious man behind the DJ desk - mentally full of music: It’s vintash. DJ and producer based in Cologne. Vintash is a musician through and through. He was born into a very musical family, studied sound design and is a gifted artist. Before he settled in Cologne, vintash lived in Vienna for many years where he discovered the very individual Viennese techno scene as part of a DJ collective. Like a reflection of his personality, his musical style is also very polarizing: deep, melodic sounds with strong emotions alternate with hard and very percussive techno in a positive way. Vintash’s productions are floating and hypnotic stories with a very deep and memorable sense for melodies that stick in mind.

Vintash has always had a passion for collecting music. He loves the different facets and styles and then brings this expertise to his tracks. His individual sound is inspired by tech house, dark melodic progressive techno, ethereal techno and inspirational sources such as: Dizharmonia, Oliver Winters and Township Rebellion. All his experience, his time in Vienna and his nature, create an artist who always picks up his listeners. Vintash is the embodiment of authenticity. No fake. All real.

Gewölbe | Heinz Gaul

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